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Welcome to Peak Consulting Based in Baton Rouge, LA, Peak Consulting is a leading marketing and sales firm that connects large corporations with consumers. Know More p Helping People
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Reach Their Peak Representing multi-billion dollar brands, our company's speciality lies in new customer acquisition and satisfaction. Inquire Today p

About Our Company

Peak Consulting is a dominant marketing firm headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA. In partnership with leading telecommunications clients around the globe, we raise the bar when it comes to providing exceptional face-to-face marketing and customer acquisition expertise. We are extremely ambitious, competitive, and determined to deliver quality services to live up to our motto of “Helping People & Companies Reach Their Peak.”

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Our Services

What Peak Consulting offers to its clients.

Direct Marketing & Sales

As a leader in the B2C marketing and sales industry, Peak Consulting implements a direct consulting approach; we meet with qualified consumers face-to-face rather than over the phone or via email.

Customer Satisfaction

Our marketing and sales representatives interact face-to-face with our clients' target consumers, build quality relationships with them, create loyalty, and increase customer retention.

Account Acquisition

Peak Consulting is dedicated to providing top-notch, personalized customer service to each and every consumer. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to focus specifically on each person’s needs.

Leadership Development

Learn how to develop and manage a team at Peak Consulting! We first focus on having our team members learn how to manage their own time and customers; we then add training and developing others to the mix.

Brand Expansion

Baton Rouge is just the beginning for Peak Consulting! We plan to expand our clients into new markets every year, increasing their name-brand recognition and customer base. Growth is our main focus!

Entry-Level Training

At Peak Consulting, we have an extensive training program for entry-level team members that starts with a strong pitch, product knowledge, and understanding customer concerns.

Our Mission

Our mission at Peak Consulting is to go above and beyond in every aspect of a business. For our clients, we seek to exceed all expectations by working smarter and harder than the competition. For our employees, we seek to provide superior mentorship and constant opportunity for both professional and personal growth.

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Our Vision

The executive management team at Peak Consulting visualizes our company expanding from our current location in Baton Rouge to over thirty locations in the next five years. We vow to promote a company culture deeply rooted in our core values of results, competition, growth, opportunity, autonomy, and direction.

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Our Passion

At Peak Consulting, we believe passion is the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. We look for individuals with high energy and drive to be successful. Through team collaboration and clear goals, we are dedicated to outperforming the competition and being the best possible option for our clients.

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Where We’re Going

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A culture and team unlike any other.

Our team is our core at Peak Consulting. We promote unity through “friends and family nights”, R&R weekends, and weekly group competitions. As we continue to dominate the Baton Rouge market and expand nationally for our clients, we promote a culture of camaraderie and competition. Add that to our top-performing clients, and our team is destined for success.

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